Hey friends! So in catching up on my blog, I have to talk about our dining experience at Molly Woo’s. First off let me just say that Molly Woo’s is the best commercial Chinese restaurant I’ve eaten at. It’s commercial in the sense that it’s more gourmet than home cooked. You know the mom and pop shops are going to give you grease and salty deliciousness (you know authentic) 😅 but gourmet is a more healthier option. With that being said, let’s get into it. 

It was a cold night for dinner that day. So I needed something warm. This tea was magnificent and served the traditional Chinese way. #nowthatsauthentic The flavors are Ginger and Peach. There was plenty to share with the whole table. On a side note, I once read that Asian people drink hot tea with meals because it the grease in food from hardening in the body. The analogy used is the difference between hot grease going down the drain with hot water poured down behind it versus cold water. With cold water the grease will clog the pipes. Much like grease clogging people’s arteries. Hmmm 🤔

This is my food. Just some simple House fried Rice. But the taste wasn’t simple. It was exquisite 😋

Dana ordered this. I believe it’s Sweet and Sour 🍤 I need to do same day blogging. Smh However, I do remember that she enjoyed it. Lol 

These are the deserts. Creme Brulee and Sherbet. They are lavishly delicious 😁😋🍴 Now the Sherbet with the fresh berries really delighted my palette. Oh so good!!!

Well that’s all folk. See ya real soon friends!