Okay friends, I’m like super behind in my blog. Like months behind. Lol But it’s okay, I’m back now! So, to catch up let me start with a very nice restaurant called Copious. It’s located in downtown Columbus, OH.  In the dictionary Copious means lavish or abundant. I can truly say the place is lavish and their dining options are abundant. You can eat in the dining room or at the bar on the main level, host an event in the upstairs waiting room and hang out in the lounge on the lower level.  There is something here for everyone and the food is delish.

This was my selection. Braised beef with Asparagus and Macaroni and cheese.  The beef was so tender and good 🤗.

This is Dana’s pick. Somer ordered the same thing. Jumbo 🍤 in some type of sauce (lol) with Green beans and Mashed potatoes. I sampled it and those shrimp were all that!

Lastly, this is Miranda’s pick. Fried chicken, Sweet potatoes and Collard greens. Very good! Now you cant eat everybody’s greens 😂 But they truly were good.

Well friends eat and be full!.jk I’ll see ya soon!