Neighborhood gem

Today we dined at Katalina’s Cafe. It’s a nice little restaurant tucked away in a neighborhood near the Ohio State University. Because of the small size of the restaurant Somer quickly learned that the golden rule of move your feet lose your seat applied. Now there’s no wait staff to take your order, but they bring your food out to you after you order inside. 😜 All in all Katalina’s is a great place for brunch.

The 🌮 are really good. Your choice is 🌮 or breakfast. Lol 

Here’s mine! I almost forgot to take a picture. 1 taco has already been eaten and half of my Watermelon Mint Lemonade was drank. But yall get the idea.

Who doesn’t love tagging something 🤖 Can you find my name and Somer’s? The inside menu is written in chalk and you get to write in chalk at your table.

Alright friends,  I’ll see ya soon!


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