Bison Anyone?

So my 1st restaurant blog is about Ted’s Montana Grill. It was cozy and delicious! Comfort food at its finest. We made reservations and were seated on time. The staff was friendly and courteous. Between the food and checkered decor I thought I was in Montana. I’ve never wanted to travel there before, but now I’m kinda curious 🤔

So they start you off with these half cucumbers half pickles. They are different. That’s all I’ll say about it. Lol 

Next we sampled Bison meat. It is delish. Imagine your leanest beef that is super tender and you’ve got Bison 🐂

My pick. Just a plain Ole American Bison Burger with Cheese. And the 50/50 which is half French fries and half Onion rings. I couldn’t finish. 

Both Dana and Somer ordered the Cadillac Burger with 50/50. Somer added Mustard and Mayor. They give it 👍👍

Lastly, Somer ordered this Strawberry Shortcake 🍓Dana and I were more than happy to help her eat it. 😋 this is a Netflix movie night with sweatpants and camisole dish. Just eat comfortably and slouchy. Lol  Alright yall until next time. See ya soon!


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